OSHA 10-Hour Construction

OSHA 10-Hour Construction course is designed for construction entry level workers to understand safety associated with construction industry.

This training is based on health and safety hazard associated to construction workplace, additionally students will get the understanding of OSHA, responsibilities of employer and employee rights. Outreach 10-hour construction is recommended by OSHA as an understanding to workers for their health and safety during the course of employment, to minimize injuries and save lives. This OSHA 10 hour construction courses comes with free Orientation. OSHA – DOL wallet card will be delivered to student after successful completion of OSHA 10-hour construction course if program is given by an approved OSHA Construction Outreach trainer.

This program is based on the OSHA Construction 10 Hour curriculum and guidelines, however , a DOL card is not provided but a certificate of completion is issued,

OSHA 10-Hour Construction

1. Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act

2. General Safety and Health Programs

3. Materials Handling

4. Scaffolds

5. Personal Protective Equipment

6. Cranes and Rigging

7. Excavations

8. Health Hazards

9. Stairways and Ladders

10. Tools

11. Focus Four: Electrical, Struck- By, Caught in Between, Fall Protection

12. Final Quiz

13 Survey

$39.95 per License
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Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act

General Safety and Health Programs

Materials Handling


Personal Protective Equipment

Cranes and Rigging


Health Hazards

Stairways and Ladders


Focus Four: Electrical, Struck- By, Caught in Between, Fall Protection

OSHA Final Quiz

Training Survey