GFCI Awareness Training V2.6 Course

Author: CDP Inc. Safeworkday SafetyPoints

CFR 1926 - OSHA and many state safety laws have helped to provide safe working areas for electricians. Individuals can work safely on electrical equipment with today's safeguards and recommended work practices. In addition, an understanding of the principles of electricity is gained. Ask supervisors when in doubt about a procedure. Report any unsafe conditions, equipment, or work practices as soon as possible. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is an electrical device which protects personnel by detecting potentially hazardous ground faults and quickly disconnecting power from the circuit. A potentially dangerous ground fault is any amount of current above the level that may deliver a dangerous shock. Any current over 8 mA is considered potentially dangerous depending on the path the current takes, the amount of time exposed to the shock, and the physical condition of the person receiving the shock.

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GFCI Awareness Training V2.6 Course

GFCI Awareness Training V2.6

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